Filon Over-Roofing System

The Filon Over-Roofing System has been proven in countless diverse applications throughout the UK, from factories and industrial units to leisure centres, retail stores and local authority housing.

Utilising durable profiled GRP sheet, it is designed to make roof replacement or repair quick, trouble-free and economical Whatever the condition of the existing roof.

Patented Profix spacers for the Filon Over-Roofing System come in two sizes. Profix 25 for use with either no insulation or up to 50mm loose quilt insulation and the Profix 60 for use with 100mm loose quilt insulation.

• Fast and Easy Installation
• Economical Solution (low cost)
• Most Profiles can be matched (asbestos/metal)
• Minimal Weight (no planned required)
• Extends the life of the building considerably
• No Asbestos Handling or Disposal
• Complies with New Building Regulations
• Various Colours available

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Ordered to suit site specific requirements.

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