Roofing Tapes

We stock various types of sealing/jointing tapes to suit your site specific requirements. Jointing/Cloth tapes are used for isolation/barrier to dissimilar metals, flange and duct sealing and is also compatible with polycarbonate. The tape is waterproof and coated with pressure sensitive adhesives.

Aluminium Foil Tapes are for joining foil faced insulation boards and sealing the joints.

PVC Tape can be used to mark economy floors, jointing of polythene sheets, prevent electrolytic reaction, sealing insulation panels, patching and also sealing repairs.

Expanding Foam Tape is used for filling irregular gaps between brickwork and timber/steel and Air sealing.

General Stock Items
Cloth Jointing Tapes
PVC Tapes
Aluminium Tape
Expanding Foam Tape
PPDA Double Sided Tape

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