Ejot Ejobar

Ejot EJObar provides a professional and cost effective way of bridging on a flat roof and creates a strong fixing base to secure plant and equipment to. No penetration of the membrane is required and maintains watertight integrity of the roof system.

It can easily be installed to new or existing PVC Single Ply Membrane roofs where approved by the specific membrane manufacturer. The EJObar can be easily installed onto the membrane by hot air welding to the full perimeter of the EJObar firmly pressing the bar into place.

EJObar can be used in a free standing application when the supporting itmes do not need to be restrained for example, pipework between two fixed points, or where an intermediate support is required to maintain a static load above the roofing membrane.

They can also be used with installation of Solar PV and Thermal Panels and available is various sizes to suit (150mm, 300mm, 500mm, 1000mm & 3000mm).

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