Icopal Roofguard Outlets

The Anderson High Performance Stainless Steel Roofgard Roof Outlet is specially designed to drain water from a flat roof and exceeds one of the highest technical standards BS EN 1253-1. The stainless steel roof outlets are to be positioned at the lowest points of the roof. The deflection of the construction must always be taken into consideration.

The Roofgard Roof Outlet is constructed of acid resistant stainless steel incorporating a 500mm x 500mm polymer modified polyester reinforced membrane flange (A SureWeld TPO version is also available).

The stainless steel outlet spigot has been designed with 4 specially constructed unique rubber rings permanently attached to the spigot for maximum sealing and resistance to back flows.

The standard leaf/gravel grate is a specially designed angled stainless steel perforated leaf guard. It is fixed in to the stainless steel pipe via a spring ‘A’ clamp that locates onto the fixings lugs inside the tube.

General Stock Items
95mm Roofgard Outlets
62mm Roofgard Outlets
50mm Roofgard Outlets
Standard Leaf/Gravel Grates

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