Index Selftene Base HE (Self Adhesive Felt)

The Selftene Base HE membrane consists of very thick elastomeric (SBS) polymer-bitumen membranes reinforced with non woven composite polyester fabric stabilised with fibre glass, offering high mechanical resistance and dimensional stability.

The bottom face of the membrane is coated with a special sel-adhesive elastomeric mass which adheres by simple pressure at ambient temperature. It consists of a special selected mix of venezuelen bitumen, tackifying resins and radial and linear elastomeric thermoplastic polymers which guarantee long-lasting adhesive properties.

Unlike standard bitumen mixes Selftene Base HE adhesive mass maintains its adhesive properties during storage due to its anti-freeze additives which allows it to maintain its high adhesive power even at low temperatures (Minus -25 Degrees).

Selftene Base HE membranes are used to make very thick waterproof coats with reinforced membranes in places where it is forbidden to use naked flames. The membranes are also used on laying surfaces sensitive to heat or easily combustable, such as panels and polystyrene foam, wooden roofs etc.

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Selftene BASE HE (15x1m)

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