Rubber Promenade Tiles

The design and depth of these shred tiles is designed to allow any impurities and rainwater to be channelled via the profiled base construction off the roof, balcony or patio area. The tiles can be laid with 5mm plastic spacers, providing even spacing between tiles to achieve a better result.

The tiles are 1.0m x 1.0m (1sqm) in size, 25mm thick and approx. 17.5kg in weight per tile. The design includes a cross 500 x 500 top surface with square profiled groves in the base.

Available in Black, Red and Green Colours.

The rubber tiles should be fully bonded with PU Tile Adhesive, 1.5kg cover approximately 4-5 sqm (4-5 tiles) depending upon the texture and cleanliness of the substrate area.

General Stock Items
Ordered to suit site specific requirements.

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